The objective of DEMOCRITOS is to investigate the necessary demonstration activities in order to mature technologies for nuclear electric propulsion (NEP) systems. More details here.

The work is based upon the roadmap issued in 2014 by the FP7-Space funded MEGAHIT project.

The DEMOCRITOS consortium partners are the European Science Foundation (ESF),  the CNES Launcher Directorate (CNES-DLA), DLR Bremen , the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), Thales Alenia Space Italia, Snecma, Sagem and the Keldysh Research Center. More on the consortium partners can be found here.


The DEMOCRITOS consortium is organising a workshop. We hope that this workshop will be an opportunity to:

  •   investigate potential synergies with existing or planned activities for technology development in the NEP area,
  •  investigate alternative development and design plans together with the community,
  • attract potential users of the planned ground demonstrator test bench,
  •  meet potential suppliers that are able to provide sub-components for the future demonstrator,
  • assess opportunities offered by existing test benches that can host the demonstrator concept.

The workshop will take place on January 26-27 2016.

If you would like to participate to the DEMOCRITOS workshop and you have not received an invitation yet, please email democritos [at] and let us know.

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